Dynamic Consciousness is about you transforming yourself into the perfect being that you were created as, through the Consciousness Coaching® methodology, that will give you the power to create your own destiny.

If you were a child again, what would your future look like?
What limitations are preventing you to have your ideal future?
How can you realize your ideal future?

Consciousness Coaching® is based on classical coaching, with simultaneous integration of awareness creation. Classical coaching helps a person to become more effective in realizing their dreams and for that the coaching scope is restricted by what the client is aware of. In Consciousness Coaching® we have a structure that creates new awareness of unknown possibilities. We all know things and we also know what we don’t know. There is, however a huge area of available possibilities in the space of ‘what we are not aware of that we are not aware of’ (our blind spot). It is this domain of the unknown that gets presented by Consciousness Coaching® while the classical coaching happens at the same time. Consciousness Coaching® therefore get their clients to their desired destination and, at the same time, they’re pointing out whole new areas the client wasn’t aware of before.

Dynamic Consciousness Coaching - Christine Steyn