Christine Steyn - Consciousness Coach

Christine Steyn


I am the Director of Dynamic Consciousness Coaching (Pty) Ltd.


I have spent more than 16 successful years in the corporate financial industry in various positions on junior, middle and senior management levels.

 I have provided hundreds of hours of workplace coaching and mentoring for:

  • New recruits;
  • Learners who formed part of the Letsema and Graduate Learnership programmes driven by Bankseta;
  • Mentoring staff members who have been promoted and needed to step up into their new responsibilities;  
  • Coaching and mentoring Small Business owners who required coaching to achieve their goals,
  • and also the goals of their staff members.


The only way to ensure that change is sustainable is to make the unconscious conscious, really dissect the aspects that have presented themselves, and re-wire the reality in such a way to create the desired outcomes that we want. The more we understand what needs to change, the better we can implement and sustain the change.  Dynamic  Consciousness Coaching is equipped with the tools and techniques to partner with individuals and teams to achieve this.

Conscious Changes

I am the permanent student, always in search of the newest theories and techniques.  I have also experienced the value of consciousness coaching and mentoring on a very deep level, both personally and professionally, and I am a witness of what magnificent and ground-breaking changes are available, and can be achieved when the individual is ready to transform.

Personal Qualities

I truly believe that each one of us have been given our individual talents to achieve the goals that were assigned to us when we started our life journey.

I believe that one of my talents is to ignite the potential in the individuals who cross my path and to support them in optimally achieving their goals.

I have the ability to listen to what is not being said, and the experience and wisdom to deal with the unsaid and unconscious in a way where unresolved issues are resolved, and where disconnections are identified and connections are made.

Coaching and Mentoring Qualifications

I hold a BA degree with majors in Psychology and Communication, and have successfully completed Middle and Senior Management programmes.

I am a Certified Consciousness Coach® with a Diploma in Professional Consciousness Coaching® , as well as a Certified Conversational Intelligence® Coach. 

A bit more about Dynamic  Consciousness Coaching

I have a firm belief that each one of us have been put on this earth for a purpose, and that we form part of a greater Whole.  When we are not aligned to our purpose, then we are not contributing to the Whole in the way that we should.    This has a ripple effect through our environments and our circumstances. 

I believe that my calling is to reach out to the people who cross my life path and to assist them in igniting their potential in order to identify their calling and achieve their goals. 

I have realized at an early age that I have the ability to deeply connect to people and build trusting relationships by showing that I can be trusted.  It is through these trust relationships that breakthroughs occur.  I acknowledge each person to be unique in their abilities, experiences, roles, and fears, and I respect each person in a non-judgmental way.   My own breakdowns created my breakthroughs, and through these experiences I can confidently attest to the power of coaching.




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