• Business coaching:  Performance improvement, change management, transformational goals, dealing with unproductive team relationships.
  • Executive coaching:  Leadership development and empowerment, as well as work- life balance.
  • Career coaching:  Improving entrepreneurial core competencies, assisting the client to get clarity on a career path, strategy and power to make a career change.
  • Team Coaching:  Team dynamics, alignment and commitment, addressing dysfunctional cultures, creating an achievable future.
  • Performance coaching:  Moving from good to great, preparation for role changes, career changes.
  • Leadership:  develop "Power with" skills in the place of "Power over" frame of mind, dealing with team and individual dynamics, the art of delegation and empowerment.
  • Skills: Conversational Intelligence, improving on interpersonal relationships.
  • Life coaching:  Individuals are enabled to target all areas in life