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Professional coaching benefits individuals holistically, and the positive impact is therefore felt on so many levels – decision-making skills, interpersonal effectiveness, confidence and fresh perspectives on personal challenges – the list is endless. Studies have shown that individuals who undertake coaching experience measurable improvement in productivity, work/ life balance and the achievement of set goals.


Core benefits of Consciousness Coaching®:

  • Take control of your own destiny
  • Experience greater focus, clarity and purpose
  • Improve your performance in all areas of your life, business or career
  • Increase your power and confidence
  • Eliminate stress and/or worry
  • Provoke breakthroughs
  • Achieve goals you could never reach on your own
  • Be more organised – put ’first things first


Increased productivity:

Individual potential is maximised, resulting in more sources of productivity being unlocked. This leads to improvement in Work Performance, Business Management, Time Management and Team Effectiveness.


Positive people:

The demands on employees in meeting organizational demands are greater than ever, and it is critically important to build the self-confidence of employees to meet these demands. Coaching leads to improved Self-Confidence, Relationships, Communication Skills and Work/Life Balance.


Return on Investment:

The result of coaching is learning and greater clarity on what is needed to move forward, with commitment to measurable outcomes. Studies conducted by the International Coach Federation shown that the vast majority of companies at least made their investment in coaching back, 99% was ‘somewhat’ or ‘very satisfied’ with the overall coaching experience, and 96% will repeat the process.


Source: ICF Global Coaching Client Study, conducted independently by PricewaterhouseCoopers

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