Improve teamwork in your company

These days, more and more organisations are realizing the incredible benefit of teamwork: a group of people can achieve more than one person alone. This includes teamwork between permanent staff and contractors, temporary staff and moonlighters, day and night shifts.

This, of course boosts productivity, and the end result is more profits (which is what every business owner, wants right?). Teamwork also makes coming to work more enjoyable for the employee which in turn boosts even more productivity.

People work better together, and here is a study that proves so:

If you run or manage a business you will know, sometimes there are problems that require a creative solution, and organizations that possess greater teamwork will be higher on the podium when the time comes to give the award for what companies possess greater creative solutions ability.

  • Different types of skill sets that work together are able to offer greater creative solutions.

So why is it then, that teams disagree?

1. Personality clashes

Teams compromise of different types and temperaments of people, which comprise of different types of background, which comprise of a different way of seeing things. These variations, can sometimes result in difficulties that break projects down.

  • Poor communication causing good ideas to be prevented from coming to fruition.
  • Employees disagreeing about the direction of a project. Lack of clear team leadership.
  • Sub groups going in another direction to the team’s overall objectives. Lack of respect of team leadership.
  • Unclear goals and objectives
  • Teams dying out for lack of consistent and united effort.

Bad teamwork is only a consequence of a lack of team motivation.


If you were to say,  be going to plant a bed of roses? Would you just open the packet of seeds, scatter them on the ground, and demand ‘grow’. Or would you read the back of the packet, decide what the rose seeds need, and follow suite?

This, then is how you improve team work in the workplace.

You need to create the right conditions for teamwork to grow in.

Create Healthy Conditions for Teamwork to Grow In?

How to Improve Teamwork in the Workplace Tip #1: Reward Your Team for Working Together.

There's something that makes a person feel great when they’re appreciated. It makes them want to give more. Reward your employees when they’ve done well on a task, or a job.

A team, when they’ve done well on a job together, or overcome an opponent. Need to celebrate their victory together. This will solidify, the sense of what they’ve done as a team. How they’ve done it. Why they’ve done it. And how to do it again?

Plus it will pour the golden chalice of your gratitude over their heads.

How to Improve Teamwork in the Workplace Tip #2: Encourage Social Activities and Facilitate Idea Sharing

Have a crazy picnic. This is what I advocate! Employees work together better when they know each other, and trust each other. This will also make working with each other more enjoyable. Facilitate activities. This could be a formal gathering at the coffee shop up the road, team dinner or sports activities, or a once a month get together at a secluded location.

Good teams are loyal to each other.

Bottom line, get to know your teammates, it will pay off in the long run.

How to Improve Teamwork in the Workplace Tip #3:Clearly Define Responsibilities and Outline Roles.

The arrows, of staples, erasers, rulers and tasks come bouncing back, those you’ve designated.

A little empathy, wisdom and sensitivity is the trick here.

Before you get going on a project, call your team together -a nd take an assessment of talents. Also, outline deadlines? Then designate jobs according to their abilities. After this, consult with your team about the feasibility of their given tasks.This will help to reduce stress and define realistic expectations.

Also, no matter an employee’s rank, let them voice their opinions, on project matters. It is vital to them feeling essential to the team. This will improve the workplace.

Employees should be encouraged to help one another when needed.

How to Improve Teamwork in the Workplace Tip #4:Facilitate Group Discussions and Identify Existing Problems

Communication is one of the cornerstones of life, this will be key in bringing your team together or breaking them. Split your team up into groups, and have them discuss where they think they’re doing well, and where the team thinks they need improvement? This is productive in itself because you’re pitting the positive against the negative, in effect. The group can then come up with ideas collectively on how to improve.

Avoid the temptation to let issues sort themselves, out this only results in the problems festering, practice discussing them.

How to Improve Teamwork in the Workplace Tip #5: Mediate Disputes and Resolve Conflict

Encourage team members to directly talk with the person creating any negative effects, preferably as quick as possible, to avoid conflict and tension further breaking down communications and dividing team members. Give team members detailed instructions to solve conflict, so that it boosts teamwork by allowing them to work cooperatively and pro-actively. Don’t foster a culture of blame. Foster a solutions-oriented culture.

Tackle the problem, not the person. Use sentences that are less aggressive e.g. I’ve noticed that in this situation it has an effect on you, am I correct?

Improving teamwork in the workplace is not something that’s going to happen overnight, or that you can forcefully impose upon your employees, it is an ongoing process that occurs naturally when a healthy workplace and culture is fostered. Team building is your responsibility as a manager, and it is something that you have to facilitate and continually guide. However, as this process unfolds you will begin to see your team members trust each other, and ultimately adapt to achieve your organization's greater goals.

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