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Dynamic Consciousness Coaching - Christine Steyn


I was one of the Nedbank Employees who signed up to receive coaching and had the privilege to speak to Christine Steyn. Initially I was never aware about this until my manager ask if we were willing to sign up and get involved in received coaching, it was not something I expected in the beginning as I had thought it was mostly centered on work matters until I got a chance to speak to Christine.

The first conversation I had with Christine felt like someone whom had already meet with me or rather someone who knows me on a personal level, she made it so easy to speak to her and be able to confide without feeling like I am being judged. The sessions were always centered on growing me and making me reach for goals and objectives I have been procrastinating. Not once has she made this about herself or lost her patience with me in all times she remained calm and made me feel in a relaxed environment so I could be able to converse with her.

In essence I would say this experience was great as I learnt a lot from Christine and Life Coaching as well. If I could recommend it I would do so as Christine made sure that even though we maybe not have meet but I left there feeling like she understands all that I was going through at that time when I went for the coaching sessions with her.


With the progression of our sessions, I began to realise what it was all about – using one’s mind to unlock the world!

Working with Christine Steyn has been the utmost pleasure. She has pushed me above and beyond boundaries I never thought I would cross in my mind, without me even knowing it. She has encouraged me to think, she has motivated my abilities and she has made me believe in myself. My experience with her as my coach has been amazing – from the content of the sessions, to the way she has conveyed the content. I have taken in a wealth of valuable information and I have also grown exponentially since the start of our coaching sessions, and for that I will be eternally greatful. With her help and motivation, I was able to share my positivity with others, and so one person at a temi make the world a better place… All thanks to Christine and her methods of coaching.

She is absolutely awesome and there was never a session where I did not learn something. I will keep what she has taught me and how she as taught me, with me forever. She has helped me reach all my coals as per the Coaching agreement and created an awareness for the power of the mind.


Having worked with Christine in 2015, I am astounded at the level of maturity, insight and expertise she holds in her capacity as a coach.

Christine has the great and possibly rare ability to truly listen to the client. Her ability to ‘un-earth’ the real issue/s via structured and simple layered questions has assisted me personally on a number of challenging situations throughout the year. Christine has an inviting and amiable personality - her true passion for people development reflects in all that she does as a coach.

Being coached by Christine, it becomes quickly evident that she enjoys her coaching and that she operates from the perspective of the true self.


As a peer coach, Christine professionally navigated me through my issues, asking deep probing questions without being leading, but with a deep sense of understanding. Christine always allowed me as the client space to determine my desired outcome and had a unique ability to guide me into a creative space.

Christine is a great coach and is commited to helping you achieve whatever goals you set for yourself. I am beyond thrilled with the results that I achieved with Christine’s guidance, patience and support.

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